Based on a non-detonating granular compound enclosed in a cartridge, which reacts quickly when ignited to produce a high volume of harmless gas. This gas is consistently effective in splitting and breaking rocks and boulders, and in the demolition of reinforced concrete structures.

Quarry and Mines Underwater Civil

The convenience of operation and very low operating costs make Green Break Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM the obvious choice in rock breaking and reinforced steel concrete demolition.

The revolutionary design focuses on safety and adaptability to suit any low and high risk task with confidence and safety. Whether it is used 3000m underground, in delicate tunnel rock breaking, concrete breaking in a shopping centre or under water demolition, no job is too complicated for the new environmentally safe Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM

Benefitsof the GBT Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM include:

  • No clearing area required beyond 20 meters
  • No measurable noise vibration and no shock wave damage
  • Minimal dust caused, no leaking of any chemical materials
  • No flying rock or debris
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Green Break Technology Non-Detonating Safety Power CartridgeTM is available in diameters of 28, 34 and 60mm in load sizes from 40g to 2 kg and over when combined with auxiliary boosters.

Green Break Technology Safety Test Video